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Feedback From Our Clients

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"Kevin and his team have exceptional resources and procedures for buyers, sellers, and investors that are innovative and cutting edge. I sensed their level of expertise right from the start of our relationship. I have sought Kevin's counsel many times, and have also referred people to him, and will continue to do so with full confidence."
Dave Ness
Broker, Principal
Thrive Denver

I am writing to thank you for all the helpful advice you have provided over the past year. I get so engrossed in the day to day operations of flipping and renting that I have trouble seeing the bigger picture. You seem to always provide a simple clear solution to my issues when I am running into walls. I'm looking forward to another great year and am pleased to know you will be available to provide that sage advice. Thanks again!
Ian Brown
Hubbell Properties LLC

I had money sitting in a money market account earning 1.25% interest.  I knew that I needed to find a better place to invest that money.  I was looking for an opportunity to get a good return without the risk of the stock market.  I had always been interested in real estate as an investment vehicle, but I didn’t have the time or knowledge to find, buy and manage properties.  I also was not crazy about the idea of dealing with the hassles of being a landlord.  The whole thing just seemed like too much work.  That’s where Kevin Eaton came in.  He informed me that I could participate in real estate investments as a private lender.  I was able to make a loan on one of his investment houses.  Kevin’s company did all of the work to find the deal, negotiate the purchase, and get the property occupied by a tenant/buyer.  All I had to do was write a check, and now I am getting a great return on my money.  My loan was closed through a title company and is secured by a promissory note, deed of trust and lien against the property.  I also got title insurance and hazard insurance to protect my investment.  The whole thing was easy and painless, and now I can reap the benefits of investing in real estate while Kevin and his company do all of the work for me.
Jon Wignall

"Your wisdom and words of encouragement are as inspiring as they are motivating, and I am deeply grateful.
A heartfelt thank you for graciously sharing your ideas to sell my home quickly."

Dear Kevin,
"Thank you for your presentation today on selling my house using your system. We really enjoyed & appreciated getting this information, & it was delivered in a way that time flew!  We were also impressed with the clarity & uniqueness of your business model and system."
Alissa and Terry - Broomfield

Dear Kevin,
"You where the most honest and nicest person I have ever met.  I loved how you gave us all our options when we only thought we had one.  You truly came into our lives for a reason.  Your solution for selling our home truly fit all our needs even though we thought we could not sell."
Thank you again,
Karen and Jon - Littleton