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TopDollar Capital Announces A New Program

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TopDollar Capital offers an exciting double digit investment program for trust deed investors looking to put their IRAs on automatic pilot. The program starts at 10%!  “Since 1999, we've created millions of profits for our investors.” TopDollar Capital’s 10%, 3-year trust deed program is ideal for trust deed investors seeking to maximize their return with little or no management, diversify their portfolio, protect their investments with safe collateral, and keep transaction costs low.

Here's a rundown of the program:

* 10%+ return (ask us how you can increase your return)
* 3-year term (shorter options available)
* 75% LTV max
* First trust deeds only
* Single Family homes only
* No pooling (one investor one property)
* 1.5-year pre-pay penalty
* Properties are in great neighborhoods, fixed, rented, and cash flow

For more information please feel free to Contact Us


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