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Hyperinflation How Will It Effect Your Investments

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It is already starting to happen (see article below).  I am not trying to be a fear monger, I just want to give you some fair warning. 

The next several years could be a challenge, to say the least, for currency here in the US. 

Below is something I would do.  I am not giving you any financial advise, I am just telling you what I am doing.


If we see hyperinflation your cash will lose tons of its purchase power.  I am getting my cash out of the bank and putting it in something that will hold or climb in value if inflation occurs.  Get it into real estate or gold or silver or some other commodity.  Real estate is a great hedge from any major inflation (you can also rent it out).  If you play your cards right, you could increase your wealth a lot after this market adjustment.  If you don't take action, your hard earned money will lose a lot of value.  If nothing happens then you will be fine.

Because of this type of inflation the stock market to see huge swings also.  I am moving my retirement into something that would curb i.e. Self-Directed Retirement account  So hold on tight, something will happen.  I think the government over corrected to stop a depression so the economy will have another major adjustment.

See the following article

South Carolina Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Federal Currency - CBSNews

I am not a financial adviser or have a license to give you any advise so don't listen to a word I say.  I am hearing this from all the people who have more money than me.  I am also watching a lot of major investment funds buy real estate especially here in Colorado.  Do your own research.  If I am wrong, and I hope I am, we will just keep trucking and you will not have lost anything anyway.

Give me feedback if you disagree.  I would love to hear from you.

The self-directed Roth IRA company I use is:



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